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Senior Safety & Awareness Fair


Thursday 2nd December 2010 saw a highly successful Senior Safety & Awareness Fair being held in the South Bristol area. The Fair was extremely well attended by over 100 members of the older adult community who received numerous safety presentations from many of the public service agencies who were represented at the event.  


The event was facilitated and sponsored by the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) based at Bishopsworh Police Station, Ash Jones is a member of the SCLT, "Today has been an opportunity for the older adult population to gain advice and support from the many statutory and voluntary agencies that work with their interests at heart. There have been many interesting presentations from our partners, and I know that those Senior Citizens who attended today’s event will leave the fair better prepared in the areas of crime prevention and social awareness. On a personal note, it has been a genuine pleasure to meet so many interesting senior members of our local community and to discuss the issues that affect their lives"


Everyone who visited the Fair took advantage of the free lunch and refreshments which were sponsored by the SCLT. The kitchen was a hub of activity during the event and was ably staffed by the students of Bedminster Down School, Public Services Course who served over 100 meals and literally hundreds of cups of tea and coffee throughout the day. They were a credit to the school and showed all the attributes of future police and fire officers.

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Senior Citizen Liaison Team Spread the Winter Message


Criminals do not take a holiday over Christmas and the New Year period, but fortunately for the older adult population of Bristol, neither do the officers of the elite Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) which is based in Bishopsworth Police Station.


Thursday 30th December saw officers visiting a very well attended coffee morning at the St Monica Wills facility in Cromwell Street, Bedminster. Mike Wedlock addressed the large audience about such issues as rogue traders and preventing distraction burglaries.


Mike Wedlock, “Sadly the criminal fraternity pay no heed to the message of goodwill over the Christmas and New Year period. In fact, they have been taking advantage of the recent bad weather to try and trick their way into people’s homes by saying that they are from the Water Board and need to check for burst pipes.


I would urge people to remember the doorstep code. Always thoroughly check any caller’s identification and never let anyone over your doorstep unless you are 100% sure of their identity. If they are a genuine caller they will always be glad to return later when you can have someone else at home to keep an eye on things.


And always, always remember – If in doubt, keep them out! And immediately call 999 and ask for the police. It’s what we are here for, and may help us in feeling the collar of a criminal in your area”

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Platinum Service Scheme Visits the Shops


Wednesday 7th December 2010, despite sub-zero temperatures saw officers of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) facilitating a social inclusion visit for elderly victims of crime to Clarke’s Shopping Village in Street, Somerset.


The trip was the first in a new series of outings for victims, which have been arranged by the SCLT in collaboration with their new partners at Bristol Community Transport (BCT). The participants have all been victims of crime in recent months, and have received assistance from the SCLT as part of the Platinum Victim Service Scheme, which aims to offer an enhanced level of victim support to older victims of deception crime.


Jack Hale accompanied the participants on the visit, "The Platinum Service element of the SCLT is all about improving the circumstances of victims with a view to preventing any repeat victimisation. These trips allow the victims to meet other people in a similar situation and allow us to offer support and advice to ensure that they feel safe, and remain safe in the future"


Following the success of this social inclusion visit in conjunction with BCT, future visits are presently being planned which will bring reassurance to elderly victims of crime as well as contributing to the ethos of the SCLT which is: If you have contact with the SCLT, you are far less likely to become a victim of crime.

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Senior Citizen Liaison Team Centre Stage at the Colston Hall


Saturday 11th September 2010 saw the third annual Celebrating Age Festival at the Colston Hall in central Bristol. The event was organised and facilitated by the Bristol Older People’s Forum and was well attended by over 50 statutory and voluntary agencies who gathered at the event to promote their work with the older adult community.


The Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT), a part of the Bishopsworth Neighbourhood Policing Team, were on parade at their stall to discuss crime related and social inclusion issues with the many thousands of visitors to the festival who had attended to take part in the event, or just to enjoy the music of local veteran entertainer Acker Bilk, who topped the bill in the main hall.


Mike Wedlock of the SCLT represented Avon and Somerset Constabulary at the event, "This has been a wonderful opportunity for us to engage with thousands of older adults, and also to network with the many other agencies who share our goals in this field of work. Over 200 people have signed up to receive copies of the Senior Siren, which is our quarterly newsletter, and we have been invited to give several presentations to senior citizen groups to help make them less likely to become victims of crime in Bristol"

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Another Successful Visit for the SCLT


Wednesday 8th September 2010 saw officers from the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) based at Bishopsworth Police Station pay a successful visit to the residents of the Avondown Court sheltered housing complex in Headley Park.


The residents were treated to crime prevention presentation by Ash Jones and were provided with the latest edition of the Senior Siren newsletter and information about accessing assistance from the police, and many of their associated partners, including SSAFA Forces Help.


The residents entered into a healthy debate with the officers about quality of life issues and local crime, and were left feeling heartened that their local police were offering the service that they needed.


Ryan Jones is the area officer for Headley Park and is a member of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team, "I always enjoy having a cup of tea with the older residents of my area, and I know it boosts their confidence to see an officer out on patrol taking the time to discuss their specific needs"

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Senior Citizen Liaison Team Arrange Social Inclusion Visit for Elderly Victims of Crime


Wednesday 8th September 2010 saw officers from the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) based at Bishopsworth Police Station, participating in one of their regular social inclusion visits for older victims of deception crime. The small group travelled to Wraxall to the Tyntesfield Estate which is owned by the National Trust. The victims took the opportunity to wander around the gardens of the magnificent estate, and also enjoyed seeing the historic interior of the country house.


Doug, aged 88–years, was one of the participants, "It has been a very enjoyable day and we have all enjoyed spending some time together in such a pleasant environment. The police deserve a lot of credit for arranging things like this, which really cater for the needs of us older people who have been touched by crime. Having spent the afternoon with these police officers, I now feel safer in the knowledge that there are people out there who realise the fears and concerns of the older person"


Mike Wedlock is a trustee of the SCLT and participated in the visit, "These social inclusion visits allow us to assist these very vulnerable victims in returning to normality after suffering from some truly traumatic crimes. It allows us to boost confidence in the Police Service by passing encouragement and crime prevention advice, as well as allowing the victims to meet each other, and realise that others are also in the same situation. I have to offer our most sincere thanks to Bex Foy and her wonderful team at Visitor Services in Tyntesfield for allowing us to make this visit. It was greatly appreciated"

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Senior Citizen Liaison Team Nominated for National Award


On November 4th 2010, the entire Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) travelled to London to the Hilton Hotel in Mayfair for the prestigious Police Review Gala Awards which were hosted by the BBC News anchorman, Huw Edwards.


The SCLT were overjoyed to receive the Avon and Somerset Constabulary nomination in the ‘Diversity in Action’ category of the awards, for their work in crime prevention and victim support with older adults within the community of Bristol.


Ash Jones, "We have really enjoyed attending the awards process and meeting many of the other police nominees, who have been very inspiring. It was particularly memorable to receive our medals of nomination from Mrs. Theresa May, the Home Secretary.


Although we do not expect any recognition for the work that we do, it is pleasing for our efforts to be rewarded, and I hope this will lead to other areas considering establishing a Senior Citizen Liaison Team to help protect the vulnerable, older adult population"

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‘Trickster’ ~ The Community Event


On Thursday 1st April 2010, officers of the Bishopsworth Senior Citizen Liaison Team participated in a unique crime prevention event when they attended a performance of the ‘Trickster’ play in Bedminster.


The aim of the ‘Trickster’ performance is to make senior citizens more aware of the dangers of distraction burglars and other doorstep criminals who prey upon the more vulnerable members of the community. The play also gives clear instructions on the best procedures to take when unannounced callers arrive at your home.


The performance was arranged by ‘Linkage’, the older adults’ engagement team based in St. Monica’s Trust, Bedminster and was endorsed and fully supported by the Senior Citizen Liaison Team.


PC Mike Wedlock of the Senior Liaison Team, “This performance of the Trickster play was a great opportunity to pass the message of best practice when dealing with doorstep callers to your home. People must always remember to never let anyone across their doorstep unless they are 100% satisfied that they are genuine. Always check the identification of the callers and if in doubt – keep them out! If anyone has any concerns about someone who has called at their house, call the police immediately”


































‘Senior Siren’ Newsletter Launched in Bishopsworth


Tuesday 28th April 2010 saw the official launch of the Senior Siren newsletter to members of the ‘Tuesday Club’ which is held weekly at the Bishopsworth Royal British Legion.


The Senior Siren is the quarterly publication of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team based at Bishopsworth Police Station, it aims to reduce the fear of crime within the older population through education and social awareness. The initial newsletter contains an explanation of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team and items about bogus officials and doorstep scammers who often prey upon the more vulnerable members of the community.


Also included in the publication are messages from partner agencies about activities for older persons and information about forthcoming events which have been sponsored by the Senior Citizen Liaison Team, such as a planned future visit to the National Memorial Arboretum in Stafford.


Sgt Ash Jones is the co-ordinator of the Team, “The Senior Citizen Liaison Team has been a great success to date. It is our stated goal that all persons who come into contact with the Team are less likely to become victims of crime, and the Senior Siren newsletter is a great tool to reach members of the older community that we cannot speak to in person”

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Older Adults in Withywood Given Sterling Advice


Wednesday 4th August 2010 saw two officers from the Bishopsworth Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) making a special visit to the Age UK (formerly Age Concern) activity centre which is situated in the Withywood Centre in Bishopsworth. The Age UK facility is very well attended by older adults from the community who take part in a variety of activities and also socialise at the vibrant neighbourhood centre.


PCSO Jack Hale, and his colleague, PCSO Ryan Jones took the opportunity to discuss the role of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team, and how the SCLT can minimise the risk of older citizens becoming victims of crime in the community.


PCSO Jack Hale, "The ethos of the SCLT, is that every person who has some form of contact with the team will be far less likely to become victims of crime. We achieve this by informing people of the current crime trends, and giving advice to help combat the criminals. At the moment, distraction burglaries pose a threat for the older resident, so we discuss safe doorstep procedures and remind people to say no to doorstep traders"


The presentation concluded with each resident being presented with a copy of the SCLT quarterly newsletter, ‘The Senior Siren’, along with other useful crime prevention literature.

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Distraction Burglary Competition


November 2010 saw officers and clients of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) asked to assist with the judging of the competition which asked Avon and Somerset school children to design and perform a radio jingle to lead the forthcoming doorstep crime initiative.


The chief judge was Superintendent Trevor Margenout, who is the police lead on reducing doorstep crime in the Avon and Somerset area. He was joined in his task by Audrey and June from Southville who have previously joined the SCLT on one of their social inclusion trips to Tyntesfield, and gladly volunteered to assist with the judging of the competition.


Audrey, "The entries from the children were very good indeed, and it has been very difficult to pick the winner and runners-up. Being included in such activities really helps with the healing process after being the victim of a distraction burglary, and we have truly enjoyed being part of the proceedings, and would like to thank the SCLT for including us"

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Senior Citizen Liaison Officers Join Golden Oldies for a Foxtrot


Officers from the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) at Bishopsworth Police Station recently paid a visit to the Golden Oldies morning at the Withywood Centre (Wednesdays 10:30am – 12pm). The very lively group meet every week to participate in group singing and dancing sessions.


Ash Jones of the SCLT gave a presentation to the 70+ attendees at the event and invited everyone to visit the Senior Safety & Awareness Fair that will be taking place at St Peter’s Church Hall (Bishopsworth Road, opposite the Police Station) from 10am – 2pm on Thursday 2nd Dec 2010.


Sgt Ash Jones, "It has been a pleasure to speak with the Golden Oldies this morning. They are a great group and I did enjoy the dancing. I’m very grateful that I was not photographed dancing to Abba, even if it was in the line of duty"

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Senior Citizen Liaison Team Reach Out to Vulnerable Residents


On Wednesday 27th October 2010, officers from the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) attended one of the regular meetings of the Bedminster branch of ‘Action for Blind People’ and gave a presentation on the role of the SCLT, and how it can assist in the provision of crime prevention advice and aspects of social inclusion for members of the older adult community.


Action for Blind People is an expert national organisation which is part of the RNIB Group, it ensures blind and partially sighted people get practical support in all aspects of their lives and is based locally at 10 Still House Lane in Bedminster (Telephone: 0117 953 7750)


PCSO Ryan Jones and his colleague PCSO Gavin Barnes also distributed copies of the Senior Siren Newsletter to the residents and discussed issues which can worry older adults, such as distraction burglars and rogue traders. PCSO Ryan Jones, "It is always a pleasure to help our older citizens overcome issues of crime and the fear of crime, however, today was especially important as our new friends at ‘Action For Blind People’, may be even more vulnerable than the average citizen due to their disabilities. I enjoyed meeting all the attendees at our presentation, and hope to see them all again at the Senior Safety & Awareness Fair at St Peter’s Church Hall on Bishopsworth Road, an Tuesday 2nd December between 10am and 2pm"

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Senior Citizen Liaison Team Launched


On the afternoon of Thursday 28th January 2010, officers of the Bishopsworth Neighbourhood Policing Team attended at the local Royal British Legion club to launch a new community engagement venture which aims to tailor local policing services to the needs of the community.


The goal of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team is to reduce the fear of crime within the older adult community by promoting social awareness and crime prevention. Officers aim to visit local gatherings and neighbourhood clubs where older adults meet, and will offer advice on local crime trends and give presentations on such topics as rogue traders issues and senior driving.


Another tool of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team will be the quarterly ‘Senior Siren’ newsletter, which will also offer advice and provide contact details for members of the Senior Liaison Team. The Senior Siren will be delivered to local groups and community centres during February 2010.


The Senior Citizen Liaison Officer for the Bishopsworth Neighbourhood Policing Area is PC 315 Mike Wedlock, who will be assisted by his colleagues, PCSO Naomi Manning and PCSO Dan Muscat, all of whom are based at Bishopsworth Police Station.


Sgt Ash Jones of the Bishopsworth NPT, “The introduction of the Senior Liaison Team in Bishopsworth signals the next stage of our commitment to deliver the best possible policing service to the local community. Older adults have different needs and often have a  greater fear of crime than other members of our community. It is therefore fundamental that we pay attention to these needs and tailor our services accordingly”