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National Award for Local Crime Fighters


21st June 2011 saw Ash Jones and Mike Wedlock of the Bishopsworth based Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) attending as special guests at the annual conference of the Trading Standards Institute at the Bournemouth International Centre.


The Senior Citizen Liaison Team were selected as the national winner of the Trading Standards Institute Special Recognition Award 2011 for their efforts in the field of reducing distraction burglary and rogue trading offences, as well as improving social inclusion opportunities for older adults through the award-winning Senior Siren newsletter.


The award was presented to the officers by the national president of the Trading Standards Institute, Baroness Crawley of Edgbaston and Mr Martyn Lewis CBE, former BBC news presenter and facilitator at the conference.


Mike Wedlock said, “The SCLT has picked up a few awards this year and it is still a pleasure to attend events and promote the work of our project in the hope that other areas will take up similar schemes in their areas. We work very closely with our colleagues in Trading Standards and it was nice of them to acknowledge our work with this award”

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SCLT Reach Out to Clevedon


As part of the ongoing process to continually improve services to the entire community of Avon and Somerset, officers of the award winning Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) based at Bishopsworth Police Station, recently accepted an invitation to deliver a crime-prevention themed presentation at Clevedon Royal British Legion.


The event was extremely well attended and the guests were shown a short DVD on the work of the SCLT, and also received an extensive briefing on criminal scams and cons which are frequently used to trick members of the older adult community out of their money.


Mike Wedlock is a Senior Citizen Liaison Officer, “I was invited to give this presentation when one of the members attended one of our similar events in Bristol. I was delighted to make the short trip to Clevedon to give this presentation and help this large group pf seniors become far less likely to become victims of crime”

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Senior Citizen Liaison Team Join the Festival


Saturday 3rd September saw the annual Celebrating Age Festival taking place at the Colston Hall in central Bristol. Organised by the Bristol Older People’s Forum, the festival is attended by thousands of older adults and sees the largest gathering of voluntary and statutory partners working in the senior sector in the South West of England.


The Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) took pride of place at the event as the premier law enforcement agency working to protect the older adult population from doorstep crime through education and crime prevention advice.


Mike Wedlock attended the event, he said, “This is the second year that we have headlined at this festival and it has been a rare pleasure to spend time and offer advice to hundreds of this city’s most vulnerable residents. We relish these public appearances, which allow us to connect with our senior community”

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Winter Edition of the Senior Siren Newsletter Launched


January 2011 marks the 1st anniversary of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) in Bristol. The SCLT is an innovative social inclusion and crime prevention service which has been created to provide a tailored policing service for the older adult population.


Part of the commitment of the SCLT to the senior community is the quarterly provision of an information newsletter called the ‘Senior Siren’. The Senior Siren is written by the officers of the SCLT, and contains information relating to home and personal safety, social inclusion events for the senior community and information from partner agencies. There is even a challenging quiz page, containing a crossword and soduku to help keep the mind active.


Sgt Ash Jones is member of the SCLT and contributes to the Senior Siren, “This is the 4th edition of the Senior Siren that we have produced, and we are very pleased with the way that the newsletter has evolved to meet the needs of the public. It is created by the team members in their own time, and is totally funded by corporate sponsorship, which means that no public funding is used in this project.


The Senior Siren is distributed to various public buildings around Bristol, is delivered with meals-on-wheels and we even mail out copies to people who have mobility issues”

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International Expansion for the Senior Citizen Liaison Team


A recent collaboration meeting between officers of the Bishopsworth based Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) and their counterparts from the newly established Abergavenny Senior Citizen Liaison Team proved very productive. Officers were able to discuss joint working practices and the Bristol officers were able to offer a few tips to their colleagues which should help in consolidating their new venture.


Sgt Ash Jones works on the Bristol team, he said, “The older adult population continues to grow, and our senior community have different needs and requirements from the mainstream. The SCLT concept is about tailoring our policing services to the needs of our neighbourhood and reducing the impact of criminal activity on our citizens. Today’s meeting was a good opportunity to share good practice and to work as a team to deliver the finest possible service to our community”


The officers discussed joint-working with partners and shared tips on the award winning ‘Senior Siren’ newsletter, which is now available in the Abergavenny area.


Sgt Tony Patey is part of the Gwent Police SCLT, he said, “We share many common goals with our Bristol colleagues and also hope to make a significant difference to the quality of service which we impart to our most vulnerable members of the community. I hope we can continue to work together and see this project reach its full potential”


The meeting was concluded by the presentation of an Avon and Somerset Constabulary crest to the visiting officers as a memento of their visit to the national home of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team.

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‘Eagle Eyed’Ashton Resident Wins Competition


A dedicated reader of the award-winning Senior Siren newsletter was recently pleasantly surprised when she received a knock on the door from a member of the Bishopsworth based Senior Citizen Liaison Team. But it was only good news for this eagle-eyed resident as she had won the competition to win the £50 gift voucher for John Lewis which was the prize for the ‘spot-the-difference’ competition in the most recent edition of the crime prevention and social inclusion publication.


Mrs Bloor of Ashton was the recipient of the prize, she said, “What a wonderful surprise. I always enjoy reading the Senior Siren and find the puzzle page quite interesting. The spot-the-difference was quite challenging, and I’m so glad to have won the prize”


The Senior Siren is published quarterly by the Senior Citizen Liaison Team and contains information to help older adults stay safe in the community, as well as lifestyle features, interviews, puzzles and a directory of services which are specially chosen to be of use to the older citizen.

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Public Premiere of the New Edition of Senior Siren


1st June 2011 has seen the official public premiere of the Senior Siren Newsletter at the brand new Zion Bristol Community Art Space in Bedminster Down. The building shared its opening day with the much anticipated unveiling of the quarterly newsletter of the award winning Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT), which is based at nearby Bishopsworth Police Station.


PC Mike Wedlock is lead officer with the SCLT, he said, “This edition of the Senior Siren is the best yet. It is now 33% larger than previous editions and contains items on safe driving, a history of national service and of course the all important tips on avoiding doorstep crime for the older adult population. We also have a spot the difference competition with a £50 prize which we hope will draw many entries”

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Senior Cycle Patrol Visits Coffee Morning


Monday 21st March saw Sgt Ash Jones of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team  (SCLT) calling in on the weekly over 50’s coffee morning at Headley Park Church as part of his cycle patrol of the area.


Sgt Jones gave a brief presentation to the 50+ attendees about crime prevention risks and how to access assistance from partner agencies, such as Bristol Care & Repair who carry out crime surveys of seniors homes, and can provide modestly priced safety alterations to help keep the householder secure in their home environment.


Sgt Ash Jones said, “This is a well attended and vibrant group for older adults that really make a difference for those seniors who live alone and feel socially isolated. This group have regular events and often take trips to local locations which significantly boosts the quality of life for older people.


I always get a great welcome at Headley Park Church and it makes my day to be able to give them advice and guidance which can help keep these residents safe at home, and as they go about their daily lives”

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High Sheriff Joins the Thin Blue Line


The High Sheriff of Bristol, Dr John Cottrell, joined the neighbourhood policing team at Bishopsworth on 17th May 2011 to experience many of the community initiatives being spearheaded by the elite staff at the South Bristol station.


Dr Cottrell was escorted on his visit by Sgt Ash Jones and PC Jerry Hilliar of the Bishopsworth NPT who accompanied the High Sheriff on visits to meet community volunteers, school beat managers and to the Royal British Legion, where officers of the award-winning Senior Citizen Liaison Team gave a presentation to a group of senior citizens about the dangers of doorstep crime.


Dr John Cottrell said, “Today has been a fascinating opportunity to see the world of the neighbourhood police first hand. I have been very impressed by the excellent work being done by the team, for the community. It is clear to me that such initiatives as the Senior Citizen Liaison Team make a major difference to the lives of vulnerable people in the area”





























Bedazzled ~ Taking Community Policing to the Next Level


The Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) is based at Bishopsworth Police Station in Bristol and has been created to provide a tailored policing service to the older adult community. It is a particular goal of the SCLT to reduce the number of senior citizens who fall victim to distraction burglars and tricksters who prey upon the elderly and most vulnerable members of the community.


Working in collaboration with the BTech Drama group at Bedminster Down School, the SCLT has developed a theatrical safety presentation called ‘Bedazzled’ which addresses such issues as doorstep crime and telephone scams. The first of the 3-planned showings of the performance was recently held at Headley Park Church in Bishopsworth to a full house.


Sgt Ash Jones is a member of the SCLT, “The Bedazzled project has been a great opportunity for us to work with the drama students of Bedminster Down School with the worthwhile goal of providing an innovative performance which will significantly assist the older adult community in remaining safe, and crime free as they go about their daily lives”