124th Novel Published for World’s Oldest Writer


Ida Pollock knows that you are never too old for romance, she was born in Kent in 1908, and began writing novels and stories while still at school, setting her first publication, ‘Palanquins and Coloured Lanterns’, in 1920's Shanghai. Having worked in London through the Blitz, in 1944 she married Hugh Pollock, the glamorous soldier and publisher who had previously been married to Enid Blyton.


After the war Ida started writing again and soon she had acquired five publishers, nine pen-names and a million readers worldwide. Now, after 9 decades of prolific literary activity, Ida has celebrated her 105th birthday on the 12th of April (2013) and has been recognized by the Romantic Novelists Association with it’s Honorary Vice-Presidency to make her birthday milestone.


Now living and still working in Looe, Cornwall, Ida has been prolific as an author during her career. At her peak, in the 1960s, she completed and published over 40 novels in 5-years. She has authored more than 70 books for the renowned romantic publisher Mills & Boon, who will shortly be publishing her 124th novel, ‘The Runaway’ under her most recent pen-name, Marguerite Bell.


Ida states that she still dearly loves writing, and her only concession to her remarkable age is that she no longer uses a typewriter herself; she simply dictates her work to her daughter Rosemary. Ida Pollock typifies the theory that staying active and engaged into later life, pays dividends when it comes to a healthy mind and body. We wish her all the best with her new novel, and hope that many more will follow from this remarkable lady.

ida pollock