May is Scam Awareness Month


May 2013 has been designated as Scam Awareness Month by the numerous organisations which support citizens who may be targeted by such criminals. In order to get the message on scams and the heartless scammers behind them, SCLT volunteer Ash Jones has been getting out and about in the community to educate potential victims to the tricks of the scammers trade.


Today (16/5/2013) Ash visited the highly popular Friendship Club for older adults which takes place in the Somerset village of Mark (England, UK) each week. During his visit, Ash gave a presentation on phone and mail scams, as well as touching on doorstep crimes and bogus callers. At the end of his visit, Ash distributed copies of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine, which includes several useful tips and techniques which will help older adults in spotting a potential scam.


Ash Jones said, "Scammers continue to evolve with the times and become more and more convincing in their tricks and deceptions. A simple ethos to adopt is this; If something seems too good to be true, it probably is! Also, if you did'nt enter the Nigerian or Romanian lottery, you can't possibly have won it, so the person on the phone who is telling you to send some money so that they can release your winnings is undoubtedly a scam artist. And finally, no bank or financial institution will ever ask for your financial details over the phone. If someone does, they are probably a scammer as well"