Deep-Sea Diving Grandmother


Pat Fung of Bristol (UK) has shown that being 75-years of age is not barrier to mastering her new and exciting hobby of sub-aqua diving. In fact, she will soon qualify as one of the oldest people in the UK as become a fully accredited scuba-diving instructor. Pat made her first dive when on holiday in the Maldives when she was 68-years old. Since then she has become an avid diver and has made over 400 dives in the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean.


Pat pursues her high excitement pastime as a member of the Bristol branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club, where she has studied to become an instructor in the sport. She credits her husband, Iggy, with encouraging her to follow scuba-diving as a hobby, when she retired from her professional career as a researcher for the Open University.


The next stop for Pat is a diving expedition with Bristol Diving Club to the cold depths of Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands, which is a veritable Mecca to the diving world, due to it being the site of a number of wrecks of naval ships from the First World War..


We wish Pat all the very best with her career as a scuba-diving instructor, she is a true inspiration, and proves that age is no bar to following your adventurous aspirations!

Pat Fung