Senior Siren Reaches 200,000 Readers


Edition 11 of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine heralded a historic milestone for the publication, when statistics revealed that its readership had reached the dizzying heights of 200,000. This is particularly notable as edition 1, which was published in Jan 2010, had a readership of only 5000. Since that time, the Senior Siren has been revolutionised by a strong editorial team of dedicated volunteers, who have improved each subsequent edition. Today, around 95% of people choose to read the magazine via the internet, making the publication accessible to older adults, and their family, friends and carers, all over the globe. Of course, many people prefer to read their edition in good old paper and ink format, so thousands of copies are produced and distributed to locations and community groups by our volunteers, or on request from readers.


Ash Jones (pictured) is Chair of Trustees of the SCLT and also contributes to the Senior Siren, he said "The Senior Siren allows the Senior Citizen Liaison Team to spread our safety message to a very wide and diverse audience of older adults around the country. Many of whom would perhaps never have come into contact with their local police and not have had the chance to discuss such issues in person".


"It is remarkable that the magazine is now available to 200,000 readers in such a short time, and we are grateful for the help we have received from our friends and agency partners who have contributed to the achievement of this goal. I salute the outstanding efforts of the Senior Siren editor, Mike Wedlock, for the brilliant work which he, and his volunteer editorial team, have put into this success. Our next target will be to hit a quarter of a million readers by 2014. With such dedicated staff, I'm sure that goal is well within our sights"

Compressed Ash with SS11