SCLT Receive the Big Society Award


June 2013 saw members of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) traveling to the heart of Whitehall in London to attend a special reception at No 10 Downing Street for winners of the Prime Minister's Big Society Award.


The charity's representatives had the opportunity of meeting the Prime Minister, David Cameron, and discussing the concept and outcomes of their charity with him, before receiving their certificate of recognition and joining the pantheon of previous winners.


Prime Minister, David Cameron said, "The police do a fantastic job keeping people safe. But, unfortunately, tackling crimes like distraction burglaries relies on people having the information and confidence to keep themselves safe. It is great to see officers and volunteers in Bristol giving up their own time to help raise awareness among older, vulnerable people in the local community to prevent them from becoming victims"


"Halving the number of distraction burglaries in Bristol in their first year of operation is a huge achievement by the Senior Citizens Liaison Team and I am pleased to be able to give them this award."


Ash Jones is a trustee with the SCLT, he said, "It was quite an honour to be named as winners of the Big Society Award in February, and especially as we were the first police winners. But coming to the epi-centre of British government and actually discussing our work with the Prime Minister has been really special"


"It has been a great boost for the whole team and we will make good use of the positive publicity that this has generated to continue to promote our message of safety and awreness for the older adult population"



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