What Should Things Actually Cost?


As the summer of 2013 has turned out to be the best the United Kingdom has seen for 40-years, many people have been encouraged to make more use of their gardens, by the wonderful weather that has bathed the country in sunshine and above average temperatures.


However, the criminal community have also adapted to the seasonal changes and frequently use the ruse of offering gardening services to perpetrate their distraction burglary and rogue trading offences. Many residents, especially the more vulnerable senior community, may be confused by the gardening services offered by tradesmen and would have no idea of the average price of gardening services.


To help people understand what 'standard' or 'average' charges should be, the consumer magazine 'Which' has published a table of charges which they have gathered by asking a number of landscape gardeners throughout the UK to take part in a survey of their charges. It is important to point out, that these charges are highly subjective and do not take into account the particular specifics of any individual job, but they do give consumers an idea of what prices should be quoted for simple garden work by trades-people.


MOW LAWN - Garden appox 60ft x 30ft ~  Price: £20 - £35 ~ 1-hour of work


BUILD GARDEN SHED - Build a 8ft x 6ft shed which has been provided by the customer. Assuming that the base is in place ~ Price: £100 - £176 ~ 1-day of work


BUILD A GARDEN FENCE - Construct a garden fence of 10-panels. Includes price of all posts and labour and all materials. ~ Price: £635 - £900 ~ 1- 2 days of work


BUILD A SHINGLE GARDEN PATH - Build a shingle garden path, approx 3ft x 36ft ~ Price: £200 - £500 ~ 1-day of work


TRIM GARDEN HEDGE - Trim a hedge of 30ft x 6ft on 3-sides ~ Price: £66 - £115 ~ 2 - 4 hours of work


BRING AN OVERGROWN GARDEN UNDER CONTROL - Weed, prune and mow an overgrown garden which has been unattended for more than a year. Garden assumed as being 60ft x 30ft which is laid to lawn with shrub borders on 3 sides and dispose of all waste. ~ Price: £260 - £750 ~ 1 - 3 days of work (depending on type and volume of shrubs)


Of course, it is worth reminding readers that the SCLT do not recommend engaging the services of any gardeners or general trades-people who 'cold call' (call unannounced) at your door to offer their services. It is far better to seek a quote from a recommended gardener. It would be worth asking for more than one quote from traders and to insist on a written quote, which sets out exactly what work is to be undertaken and what price is to be charged. If you are having difficulty locating recommended trades-people in your area, it is worth calling  your local Age UK office, or Citizens Advice Bureau, who can offer some suggestions.


Allways remember that if any callers to your home, whoever they allege to be, causes you to feel uncomfortable or intimidated, or ask to gain entry to your home for whatever reason - you should immediately call the police, by using the 999 system if necessary. Remember, it's your doorstep and your decision who comes over it!


















Many thanks to Which Magazine for the information and figures quoted.

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