Never Too Old For a Challenge!


Since it introduced the Advanced Driving Test in 1956, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has been putting the driving skills of the nation to the challenge. For those who feel that their driving skills come up to the highest level, they can attempt the IAM Advanced Driving Test. The test involves driving on all types of roads (including motorways) for 90-minutes and covering up to 40-miles, all whilst being assessed by a police advanced driving instructor.


Recently, Norman Lawrence, a World War 2 veteran from Aberdeenshire, became the oldest person to successfully pass the test at the remarkable age of 95.


Norman felt compelled to hone his skills and pass the advanced driving test when he heard a radio discussion, in which it was suggested that drivers over 90 should surrender their driver’s licenses. In a bid to show that age also brings driving maturity and experience, Norman joined his local IAM group and within a short time, had passed the test and taken possession of the coveted IAM Certificate.


Norman initially passed his drivers test when he was 20-years old, so was able to bring 75-years of experience to bear when he took his test in Scotland. His advanced driving examiner commented that Norman showed great confidence, awareness and passed with flying colours.


The grandfather, who fought at Dunkirk and the Battle of El Alamein in 1942, uses his Ford Mondeo every day, he said;


“I'm out in the car every day - golfing twice a week, bowls in the winter and I take a crowd of OAPs out every Sunday for a run and some lunch.


'I'm a better driver now, than I was as a young man. You settle down as you get older and you don't take the same risks.'Not that I get in other folks' way, though. You won't find me holding anybody up.”


If you feel that your driving skills could do with a refresh, the Institute of Advanced Motorists offer a course called DriveCheck55 for senior drivers. The course, which can be undertaken at a local branch of the IAM where you live, has no pass or fail, but is geared to assess your driving style and offer tips and suggestions for improvement.

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