Coping With the Heatwave


Over the last few weeks we have all been reminded of the power of the Sun, and how it can make for an enjoyable summer. However, it is wise to remember that the sunlight and heat pose health risks for everyboby, but particularly for members of the older adult population.


Please pay special attention to older neighbours, relatives and friends who may need a little extra help to cope in the extreme temperatures we are continueing to experience.


If you find yourself suffering the effects of the heat, here a 3 simple ways to help you cool-off: ~


*   Splash your face with cool water and place a damp flannel or cloth on the back of your neck


*  Wear lightweight, cotton clothing which is loose-fitting


*  Drink lots of fluids and try and eat more cooling foods, such as fruit and salads (these also contain lots of water, which will help with keeping your fluid levels up)


It is important to remember that heat exhaustion and heatstroke can both be life-threatening conditions if they remain untreated, so try and consider the elevated temperatures when carrying out your daily tasks (ie. don't expose yourself to the elements for too long when gardening, shopping or even taking part in activities such as golf, bowls or croquet).


Age UK have produced a very informative leaflet on staying cool in a heatwave, click on the link below to download the leaflet:

heatwave Young man walking through woodland setting.