Britain's Oldest Man Toasts 110th Birthday


Britain's most senior citizen, Mr Ralf Tarrant, was recently joined by members of his family in July, at a Sheffield hotel to celebrate his 110th birthday with several glasses of his favourite whiskey.


Ralf was born in 1903, the year that King Edward VII was proclaimed as Emperor of India and also the year that the first Tour de France bycycle race took place. He is now a great, great grandfather and continues to live life to the full, despite his advanced age he lives alone and still does all his own shopping. Even enjoying a few glasses of whiskey when the mood takes him.


Ralf began life in Nottingham, before moving with his family to Sheffield where he left school at 13 to work in a steelworks. During World War 2, he served in Coastal Command of the Royal Air Force based in Scotland. After the War, he continued to work in the steel industry, before switching to selling insurance before his retirement from full-time work in 1968.


Along with his late wife, Phyllis, Ralf set the record for being the longest married couple in the UK. Their 79-year marriage lasting until New Years Day in 2012, when Phyllis died, aged 102-years. Their extremely happy marriage producing; 2 daughters, 7 grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren and 3 great, great grand children!


Ralf says he knows that life cannot go on forever, but that he still enjoys his life and just 'gets on with it'. Remarkably he smoked until aged 70-years, and says that he still enjoys a regular drink and doesn't understand what all the fuss is about.


We wish Ralf all the best in his 111th year and hope that his reign is Britain's most senior citizen sees many more birthdays.









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