Aging ~ How the UK Age Demographic is Changing


A recent report by the UK based social think tank 'The International Longevity Centre' has revealed some interesting and unexpected facts about the speed of our aging population. It poses some interesting facts which can be considered alongside such important questions as the cost of future care needs and pensions, at a time when life expectancy is set to expand enormously.


Most of the changes to life expectancy can be attributed to such things as an increased knowledge of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, reduced numbers of people smoking cigarettes and a general shift away from the type of heavy industry in the UK, such as mining and steelworking, which also significantly reduced the lifespans of male employees.


The facsinating report also throws up some remarkable facts: -


*  At 12.2 million, the number of pensioners in the UK is equivalent to the combined populations of Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.


*  One third of babies born in 2012 in the UK are expected to survive to celebrate their 100th birthday.


*  Spending on long-term care is projected to rise by around £14bn by 2061/62.


*  In June 2013 there were over 1 million workers over the age of 65 in the UK – the highest since records began.


*  28% of those aged 75 and over have internet access in their home. 3% of over 75s own a smart phone.


*  Dementia cost the Uk economy £23-Billion in 2008. That's more than the combined cost of cancer and heart disease.


*  By 2035, the number of people of state pension age will have reached 15.6 million (it is 12.2 million today)


Ryan Jones, chief statastician of the SCLT commented on the findings, "Of course it is great to read that many people can look forward to much longer lives in the future. However, what we in the Senior Citizen Liaison team have to counter-balance these facts with, is the certainty that those of a criminal disposition will also continue to target the elderly and vulnerable, and we have to be ready to offer support and help where needed.


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