Britains Longest Serving Police Officer Retires


After a remarkable 47-years as a police officer, PC Mick Mountain has hung up his boots and retired.


Mick , aged 66-years, from Morden in south London, said he joined the Metropolitan Police Service after taking "the best piece of advice my Dad could have given me". But he said the role of a modern police officer was "totally different" to when he joined, because they have to do "more or less twice the work" due to increased admin.


And PC Mountain, who for the past 18 years has been attached to the Palace of Westminster - which takes in the House of Commons and House of Lords - said crime was down only because people have "too many problems" reporting it nowadays. Although he has had "the most fantastic career", PC Mountain expressed frustration at how advances in technology had led to officers having to spend more time ensuring information is electronically filed.


PC Mountain also said that while people are still as violent as they were in the past, the public expects police officers to "behave in a different manner" now. Despite the changes he has witnessed throughout his career, PC Mountain, who has arrested thousands of criminals, said: "I've had a great time."

He recalled one frightening arrest when the man, who was holding a hand grenade, threatened to pull the pin. PC Mountain ripped the grenade from him before throwing it into open space.

Although he feared for his life, he said it is not until after that sort of scenario is over that you realise the danger you were in, and "that's what police do".


PC Mountain, who is married with two children, is looking forward to enjoying travelling more in his retirement.













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