Still Working at 90 ~ And Loving it!


Marjorie (Marge) Rose has recently celebrated her 90th birthday in style, by spending the day in working as a cleaner at The Mall Chequers in Maidstone, Kent. In fact, Marge has worked at the Mall since 1989 and currently works 8-hour shifts for 5-days a week.


Marge, who has not taken a day off work for a remarkable 25-years, says that she simply loves the job and enjoys the challenges which come with the role. Whether it's scrubbing floors or cleaning the toilets, Marge takes a professional pleasure in her work and feels privilaged to have had the good health to continue working into her 90's.


Marge's daughter Tina, says that thewhole  family are proud of the fantastic example that her mother has set for the them all. They realise that working in such a physical job until later-life is not for everyone, but Marge has stated her desire to keep going as long as she possibly can. Over the years she has built up many close relationships with the patrons of the Mall, and has seen children grow into adults over time.


Before becoming a cleaning lady 40-years ago, Marge worked for a local farmer, where she picked fruits and seeds in the orchard. Cold winters caused her to turn to inside work as a cleaner.


One of the great appeals of her job at the Mall is having the chance to meet so many people, Marge says that this daily engagement with people, keeps the loneliness at bay, as she was sadly widowed some 30-years ago, when her husband Bill passed at the early age of 58 through cancer.


Now the grandmother of 14 has become an institution at the Mall, and many patrons say that their visit to the shopping centre would not be complete with a chat with the 'Queen of the Mop'