Oldest Swinger in the Country!


Jack Evans is a sprightly gentleman and a half decent golfer too. But it is only when you realise that next month (Oct 2013) he will be celebrating his 101st birthday, that you can begin to understand just how well the years have told on this particular golfing enthusiast.


Jack is recognised as the oldest golfer in his native country of Wales and probably the whole of the United Kingdom.  A lifelong fan of most sports, Jack only came to the game of golf after he retired from his 46-year career as a coal miner in the Vallies of South Wales. At the modest age of 65, he joined his local club in Bargoed and started learning the skills of the fairways with his characteristic gusto.


His reason for learning golf, was actually to spend more time with his two sons David (70) and Clive (71), who are huge fans of the game and live with Jack, only a short putting distance from the greens of their club ~ which is very convienient for the golf-mad family.


Jack's hobby has seen him travel the globe to play in numerous countries as well as competing in various competitions and tournaments. He has even managed to knock in 8 holes-in-one during his golfing career, including one memorable occasion when a scored an 'ace' (hole-in-one) on his 86th birthday whilst on holiday in Florida.


Jack is quick to point out that one of his main reasons for taking up the game, was to get out in the fresh air more often and to spend time with his family. As well as his golfing sons, Jack's late wife, Gladys, was also a big fan and the couple enjoyed many hours of fun on the fairways of Bargoed.


Although he now uses a gold cart to take the strain off his legs, he says that he has no intention to retire from the course and hopes to manage a round on his birthday, weather permitting of course!