Many Thanks to Our International Consultant


As the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) approaches it's 4th anniversary of operations in December, we thought that was about time we shone the spotlight on our international colleague, Officer Don Sikkema of the Arvada Police Department in Colorado, who assisted in the consultation process which led to the creation of the SCLT in 2009.


Officer Sikkema is the full-time, Senior Liaison Officer for the Arvada area and helps the senior community of that beautiful Denver suburb, avoid the many scams and deceptions that heartless criminals direct at the vulnerable in his neighbourhood. He also manages the Arvada Senior Siren, which helped inspire our own award-winning Senior Siren Magazine, which is now available to more than 200,000 readers every 2-months.


In 2009, Don was kind enough to offer his advice and support to our Founding Trustee Ash Jones, who was then  able to establish the SCLT that we know and love today. A few years later, Don was also very accomodating, when he hosted a site-visit by SCLT Trustee Jon Williams, who travelled to Arvada to meet Don and his colleagues and to experience first-hand, the excellent work being undertaken to make seniors safer in Arvada.


Ash Jones said, "We have remained in contact with Officer Sikkema over the years and have been pleased to benefit from the knowledge that we have a like-minded friend, many thousands of miles away, who is also striving to safeguard the dignity and respect that all older adults deserve, wherever they reside in the world".


Below we have attached a link to the latest edition of the Arvada Senior Siren, as well as a link to a short video, which shows Officer Sikkema going about his duties as a Senior Liaison Officer ~ please enjoy.
















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