Many people make the mistake of leaving it too late to make a will and miss the opportunity to ensure that their last wishes around their assets and treasured possessions go unfulfilled.


You may wish to leave a special item of jewellery to a family member of friend, or even leave all your worldly possessions to a charity or specific cause.


In order to ensure that your wishes are carried out, you should make a last will & testament. This is an offical, legal document which ensures that your instructions about all manners of things are completed. Many people leave the making of a will too late and die without leaving instructions. This causes stress for surviving relatives and can cause legal disputes within the family.


The reasons for putting-off making a will are varied; many people will suspect that they have many more years to draw up their will (a common error), or simply don't want to confront the inevitable future which lies in store for us all. Many may also be put off by the legal process of vsiting a solicitor and drawing up the legal document, which of course incurrs the cost of a consultation and documentation fees.


To help take away some of the hassle which people can feel when dealing with this delicate process, October in the United Kingdom has been designated 'Free Wills Month'.


As part of the month-long event, a number of trusted solicitors will be providing a free will preparation process for senior citizens (over age 55years) at a variety of locations throughout the UK. There are some conditions attached to the scheme, so we advise that you use the link below to visit the Free Wills Month website to find out if this may be a service which could help give you peace of mind.




















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