Rogue Trader Day


21st March 2013, saw a multi-agency day of activity in the Somerset area, as various officials and volunteers took to the community to raise awareness of the dangers of rogue trading, distraction burglary and telephone and mail scams.


In North Somerset, Ash Jones, a volunteer with the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT), was out visiting many present and former clients who may be at risk of victimisation by the cunning and heartless criminals who prey upon the vulnerable and elderly. Ash distributed the latest edition of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine and discussed how to avoid doorstep criminals, by making use of doorchains and spy-holes when answering the door, as well as thoroughly checking, and confirming, the identity of ANY caller who visits your home.


Ash Jones said, "Fortunately there are actually very few offences or doorstep crime in the Avon and Somerset area. However, if you follow our code of doorstep safety you will be even less likely to fall victim to this type of crime. Remember that your home is your castle, and it is YOUR decision to allow visitors into your home. If you feel any suspicions about any caller, ring the police at once. They are happy to check-out strangers to ensure your safety"


Mrs Marlene Jones received a visit from the SCLT at her retirement home in North Somerset, she said, "I am very aware of any strangers who knock my door, or even call me on the phone to offer me a service or prize. I know that anything which seems too good to be true usually is. So I check through my spy-hole every time the doorbell rings, if I don't like the look of the person on the other side I simply don't open the door. It's not that we are rude in this house, but we take safety seriously, and we feel all the better for it"

RT Day 2013