Halloween is a time where children and others enjoy the activities of the season, including dressing in themed outfits, going door-to-door asking for treats and sadly, playing tricks upon the unsuspecting.


Many people enjoy these festivities, however, there are also many folks, particularly the elderly and alone who feel deeply intimidated and frightened by the antics which take place in their neighbourhoods. Being so close to the annual UK festival known as 'Guy Fawkes Night' (or Bonfire night), many less responsible young people (and adults) will make inappropriate use of fireworks as part of their festivities, often causing increased anxiety to those who feel concerned during the night, and the evening near to Halloween.


It is important to remember that you should not feel frightened by the behaviour of others, and if you do feel concerned about the activities in your neighbourhood, you should make a call to your local police, who will almost certainly be making extra patrols around the Halloween time of year. They will be able to offer advice as well as including your neighbourhood on their patrol route if required.


To assist in allieviating your concerns over the Halloween period, the SCLT have produced a custom sign for you to place in your door or window which should deter the responsible 'trick-or-treat' visitors from knocking your door and asking for sweets, etc. If you click on the link below, a larger version of the above sign should open up in a new window of your computer, which you can print out and place in your home where it will be visible to callers.


If you do not have access to a printer, why not call at your local police station, where they will be able to offer localised advice about dealing with unwelcome Halloween visitors.



























Haloween Sign