The end of October (2013) has seen 3 sisters from the United Kingdom reach the landmark combined age of 314 years, as the oldest sister, Hilda Green, has celebrated her 109th birthday. She joins her 2 younger sisters, Jean Underwood (106-years) and Mary Hunt (99-years) as one of the country's oldest set of sisters.


The trio of sisters are known locally as the 'Duracell Sisters' after the long-lasting battery due to their remarkable energy, and put their longevity down to good genes and hard work. Together, they boast 12 children, 17 grand children and over 30 great-grand children.


Born firmly in the Victorian era, when electric lights were still a rarity, the sisters have been witness to the unfolding of national history, including; 5 monarchs, 19 Prime Ministers and 2 World Wars.


The sisters all live in different parts of the UK and all are looking forward to the 100th birthday of youngest sister, Mary, in April 2014, so that all the sisters will be over 100-years of age.





























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