Door to door don’ts!


The Senior Citizen Liaison Team would like to remind residents to be wary of unexpected doorstep callers and the deals they are offering you.


We have recently received complaints of doorstep callers selling items from holdall-type bags. The callers appeared to be targeting streets and properties to call upon, possibly trying to identify vulnerable residents. The advice being offered if you receive such a visit is to use your door chain and politely refuse the offer of goods.


Please do not allow unknown and unexpected visitors into your home.


Trading Standards has also seen an increase in the number of complaints about roof sealing companies. The concern here lies with the prices being quoted and then heavily discounted if the resident initially refuses. In one instance a resident was quoted over £7,000 to clean and seal their roof tiles, which was then reduced to £3,000 when the resident refused the initial price. This is a massive discount and may suggest the price was over inflated at the start so the discount offered made it look a good deal and one not to be missed.


The advice being offered in these instances is to be on your guard and do your homework. Be suspicious of cold callers and the deals they offer you. If you are interested in the service they are offering, shop around and make sure the price you are being quoted is realistic. If you enter into a contract in your home the trader should give you written notice of your right to cancel the contract within seven days. Failure to provide you with this written notice may be a criminal offence and Trading Standards would like to hear about it if this has happened to you.


For advice on any other consumer matter, please contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 08454 04 05 06, Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.





























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