Remembrance and the SCLT Medal Application Service


At this time of year, a time of remembrance and gratitude to those fellow citizens who made supreme sacrifices for our enduring freedom in past conflicts, we like to remind our many readers and friends of the SCLT Medal Application Service.


Since the creation of our organisation in 2009, we have recognised that many of our present senior citizens played large parts in the more troubled times of the last century. Many of whom may have fought in the Second World War, Korea, Malaya and the many other smaller conflicts, while just as many will have been affected by the loss or injury to family members and friends.


One of the earliest public services which the Senior Citizen Liaison Team provided to clients, was our Medal Application Service. Since this time we have assisted many veterans and their surviving families to submit applications to the Ministry of Defence Medals Office for the issue of never claimed or long-lost medals. We do this, as our own way of offering respect to the veterans community and also, because many of these clients may also benefit from our mainstream, safety services.


The SCLT Medal Application Service offers practical assistance with navigating the MOD application forms, as well as signposting clients to which application process to follow. Many clients have received visits at their homes from our caseworker team who have even assisted in filling-in applications forms and posting the paperwork to the MOD Medals Office. This service, like all our services, is totally free of any charge.


SCLT Chair of Trustees, Ash Jones said, "As a nation we must never, ever forget the debt that we owe those men and women of our past generations, who gave so much, so that we may live in a free and democratic society. At the SCLT, we are privilaged to be able to assist veterans and their families in applying for the medals that they so richly deserve, but perhaps never received in the past, or have lost over time."


For more information on this service, please follow the link to our Medals Application page below or get in touch via our exclusive medals service e-mail address:  [email protected]







































Ash with Medals


Dear SCLT Medals Team,


Just a note to thank you for your help with getting my fathers medals. I have a confession to make. I didnt tell my father what I was doing, so it was a big surprise for him when the medals arrived and I gave them to him. Once again, thank you very much. I couldnt have done it without your help


Yours sincerely, Mrs. S.