Britain's Oldest Gardener Makes the News


April 2013 has seen a 104-year old gardener, Ralf Hoare, from Longlevens in Devon, making national headlines as he embraced modern technology to share the secrets he has acquired over his many decades of gardening, with interested parties via the Twitter online forum.


Ralf, who is a retired bank worker and RAF veteran, took up gardening in 1916 when he was six. Now, 98-years later he has been recognised as the oldest active gardener in the UK following a nationwide search by a furniture retailer. Ralf still manages his own garden, and cites his affection for horticulture as being the deciding factor in his long and happy life.


Although his knees now stop him from getting to grips with the dirt too often, he still does all his weeding using a tool which allows him to carry out all the required tasks in a standing position. Mr Hoare states that thinking of a blooming spring and summer helps carry his thoughts through the damp and cold winters, and who could argue with that sentiment!


Gardening gives all involved an opportunity to get outdoors in the fresh air and is fantastic light exercise for everyone. Regular readers of the award-winning Senior Siren Magazine will have noted that we recently started running a new gardening feature in the senior themed publication called 'Down at the Allotment'. Aimed at giving 3 simple and easy gardening tips in each feature, it should help gardeners of all levels, get the same thirst for all things green-fingered that has kept Mr Hoare so happy and healthy for nearly a century in his Devon garden.

Ralph Hoare