Friday 22nd November, saw volunteers of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) attending a Vulnerable Person's Day which was held at the EDF information shop within the Angel Place Shopping Mall in downtown Bridgwater in Somerset, England. The event featured information stands by all the principal emergency services, including a Fire Safety stand where firefighters took referrals for smoke alarm fittings, a health check area, which was staffed by paramedics and 2 police safety areas (including the SCLT).


During the day, several hundreds of shoppers visited the infromation centre and took advantage of the advice and support which was available from the officers present. The event was sponsered by the international energy giant EDF, who are in the process of planning and preparing for the building of a new nuclear power station at the nearby Hinkley Point location. The new station, which replaces the previous plant, will supply 7% of the UK's electricty demand and will employ as many as 5000 people on the huge site.


SCLT Volunteer Ash Jones, staffed the safety stand for the duration of the event, he said "Today has been a great sucess. Many shoppers have visited the event and received some unexpected advice on home and personal safety, which will hopefully change their habits at home. I have distributed over 100 copies of the Senior Siren magazine today, which is almost a record for a small event like this"


If you are planning a safety event in your area, get in touch with the SCLT public presentation team and ask about having one of our safety stands visiting your event.




Image EDF Event Nov 2013