As the Christmas season is fast approaching, the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) is launching a 'No Carollers' sign for people to print out and place behind the glass on your doors or windows.


Many people, especially those who live alone or who suffer additional vulnerability through age or illness, feel very intimidated by unexpected callers to their door, who attempt to elicit financial reward for singing carols. Many seniors often feel obliged to open their doors and offer a donation to carol singers.


This goes against our suggested actions of always checking who is outside your home before answering the door, using the door-chain and spy-hole to verify identity. Just because your unexpected visitors are singing a carol is no reason to put aside your carefully thought-out safety regime, so please, even at this joyous time of year, rememebr that there are still criminals and conmen who will seek to use the cover of the festive season to prey upon the vulnerable.


Make good use of your safety measures (door-chain and spy-hole) and never feel intimidated into opening your door and giving money to anyone. If your carol singers refuse to leave and cause you to fear for your safety, do not hesitate to ring the police for assistance by using the 999 system.


If you click on the link below, it will take you to a printable image of our 'No Carollers' doorsign, which you can print off and place on your door or window.