Saturday 7th December, saw SCLT Outreach Team Manager Mr Roger Ibrahim, joining the annual general meeting of the highly acclaimed Dhek Bhal  community group.


"Dhek Bhal’s mission is ‘to promote the health and social well being of South Asian people living in Bristol & South Gloucestershire through a range of services”


The meeting was held in Barton Hill in Bristol and was well attended with over 75 people of all ages taking part in the event. The afternoon also included the shared taking of an Asian meal, which was a perfect opportunity for all parties to share ideas and to network with fellow attendees.


Rog Ibrahim is the leader of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team Outreach Team and was recently named as the winner of the Avon & Somerset Constabulary Hari Joshi Award for Engagement with the BME community, he said, "I have made some truly great contacts at this meeting and look forward to attended the Dhek Bhal groups of older men and women in the new year to give some safety presentations. And I must say, the Asian food which we shared today was excellent"


During his visit, Rog took the opportunity to distribute copies of the Senior Siren magazine to all present.

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