Business as Usual for SCLT of Christmas Day


Christmas Day is perhaps the one day of the year where most folks can guarantee a few hours of peace and quiet, of sitting at home eating hearty food and spending time with family and friends. But for one SCLT volunteer, the day was packed with activity to make older adults safer within their community.


Roger Ibrahim, the SCLT Outreach Team Leader, found himself with a rare free day on Christmas Day, so he decided to get out and about in South Bristol to meet as many vulnerable people as he could, to spread some much needed festive cheer.


Sadly for Roger, the fates had conspired against him, as his car failed to start at the beginning of his ambitious day. But Roger is made of tougher stuff, so he clambered onto his bike and rode the 15-miles to South Bristol to attend the morning faith celebration at Headly Park Church in Bishopsworth, where he joined the 70 members of the congregation for their special day.


Respectfully slipping away half-way through the service, Roger then joined the worshippers at the River Church in Whitchurch Park to share more tips on safety, as well as joining the community spirit of the gathered crowd.


At the end of his busy morning of community visits and safety advice, Roger took to his bike once more to pedal the 15-miles back to his home to get on with his own family celebrations.


SCLT Volunteer Roger Ibrahim said, "Christmas is a time when many of the most vulnerable feel the effects of loneliness and solitude, especially on the day itself, when almost all normal community activities cease. I have been pleased to take some time on this most special of days, to visit some community groups and to spread our message of safety and goodwill"


If you find yourself alone over the festive period, and would like to have a chat with someone who understands your situation, why not give the Silverline a call. Click the below link for further information:

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