Skydiving Grandmother Cheats Death


Dilys Price is not your ordinary 81-year old grandmother. She is recognised as the world's oldest female skydiver and has completed over 1000 jumps since making her first parachute jump several years ago. However, things got a big sticky on one of her recent jumps when she exited her aircraft at 13,000-feet and pulled the cord to release the parachute, which failed to deploy properly, leaving her with a badly tangled main chute.  


The brave, 'silver skydiver', then plummeted to earth, wrestling with the chute while trying to deploy her research chute, which was badly hampered by the twisted main chute, which was still flapping above her. Finally, when she was only 1000-feet from the ground, Dilys finally managed to release her reserve chute and land safely.


Dilys, who's later-life skydiving career has seen her enterd into the Guinness Book of World Records, said that she was terrified by the whole experience, but that it also gave her greater confidence in her abilities as a skydiver, as she feels that she successfully cheated death and feels stronger as a result.


A self confessed adventure junkie, Dilys lives in Cardiff and only took up parachuting at age 54 after she took part in a charity jump and got hooked on the sport. She has since travelled the world, making jumps in the USA and Middle East. She has also been the  recipient of an OBE for her work running a charity for the disabled and summed up her brush with death in typically modest fashion, saying, " It's a lot of hard work, but skydiving teaches you courage ~ it's about learning to feel the fear and doing it anyway".