Wonderful Surprise for Remarkable Volunteer


Many dedicated and hard working people received a pleasant surprise yesterday (New Years Eve 2014), when they awoke to find that their names had been published in the Queens New Year's Honours List. The great and the good all receive their just accolades for brave acts, dedicated service or selfless activity, but very few people coud ever hope to match the almost unbelieveable levels of community service of a remarkable lady from Glasgow who became one of the very few people to have become a second recipient of the British Empire Medal (BEM).


Mrs Margaret Miller of Springboig in the fair city of Glasgow is 103-years of age and has been volunteering with the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) for 74-years, which has led to her receiving the very rarely presented bar to her exisiting British Empire Medal, which was awarded in 1989 for her previous community work.


Margaret began volunteering with the RVS, when it was then called the Womans Royal Voluntary Service in 1939. During the Second World War she collected goods for those people who were wounded and displaced by the bombing of her city. She is thought to be the longest serving recruit to the organisation in the history of the society.


She also set up a club for stroke victims more than 35 years ago called The Lightburn WRVS Harmony Club and is a former Evening Times Community Champion and Scotswoman of the Year award winner.

Her only child, daughter Jean, 71, now does most of the work at the stroke cafe but Margaret still attends on every Monday she can.


Modest Margaret said: "I don't really think I deserve it. I thought the first time it should have gone to the stroke patients. I got the benefit of seeing them getting a lot more confident."


Jean said: "It was such a shock. When we got the letter I thought there must be a mistake. I called Buckingham Palace and told them she already had the BEM. The lady came back and said it was right and she was one of only a few people to be awarded a second BEM. "She's modest, she always has been."

Mrs Miller BEM* BEM