International Safer Internet Day 2014


Tuesday 11th February 2014 will mark the annual International Safer Internet Day. Created by the European Commission in 1999, International Safer Internet Day has sought to help protect people of all ages from harmful and illegal content online.


Safer Internet Day allows national and international organisations an opportunity to raise the subject of internet safety within their own spheres of influence and gives a platform to offer demonstrations and advice around staying asfer whilst using the internet.


The Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) have adopted cyber-crime (crime which is facilitated by use of the internet or computers) as our topic of 2014. During theb year, our Public Presentation Team will be including cyber-crime advice in their senior safety presentations and will also discuss the subject at our senior safety stall when we attend large scale public events.


In addition, we have added a permanent section on cyber-crime to our award-winning Senior Siren magazine, as well as including considerable content on cyber safety on our website (


Please follow the link below to access our cyber-safety pages on our website or to link to the pages of Get Safe Online (our principal cyber security partners):
















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