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We would like to take this opportunity to shine a light on the work of the Think Jessica campaign to raise awareness around mail scams which are predominantly targetted at older adults.


Think Jessica is a registered UK charity and offer a fully comprehensive website with many tips and case studies to help readers understand the dangers and pitfall around the scam mail which often drops through our letterboxes and can be so damaging to vulnerable older adults, who may find themselves caught up in the very convincing scams.


We have reproduced some great advice from the Think Jessica website below and have provided a link to their website.


What To Look Out For...


Scammers will use every trick in the book to get you to part with your cash including:


You have won a lottery, sweepstake or competition... BUT YOU HAVE TO SEND MONEY

Money you have won is being held in a holding company... BUT YOU HAVE TO SEND MONEY

Somebody has left you an inheritance... BUT YOU HAVE TO SEND MONEY

A clairvoyant can stop bad luck or direct good luck towards you... BUT YOU HAVE TO SEND MONEY

There is a "secret" deal which will make you rich... BUT YOU HAVE TO SEND MONEY


Scammers send out catalogues selling food, pills, potions, jewellery, clothes, items for home and garden. They guarantee a prize to those who order and make it appear like 'you' are the only one to be getting this amazing offer. They never send the promised prize(though some  do send "cheap" goods to keep the victim on the "hook") Instead they send out more promises to get more orders!


Criminals claim to be Debt Recovery Agencies: threatening court action if a BOGUS overdue utility bill isn't paid within 7 days. A great many trusting elderly people fall for this scam.


Religious Scam: Criminals use religion as a way of deceiving victims, often claiming they are going to pray at Lourdes.


Charity Scam: Criminals send out "begging" letters from fictitious charities, they often use distressing photos, in an attempt to pull at the heart strings of caring people.


They are forever coming up with new and more convincing scams so it's important to be vigilant both for you and loved ones.


NB. Scammers send authentic looking scam mail from Banks & Building Societies asking for personal information and/or cash. It's more prolific via email, called phishing, but it's still being sent out via the post.


Click on the Think Jessica logo below to visit the website. Don't forget to check out the latest Senior Siren magazine for our own tips on doorstep crime and other scams and cons:



























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