The SCLT Public Presentation Team rolled into the Somerset village of Pawlett last night (14th April) as guest speakers at the monthly meeting at the Pawlett Royal British Legion Womens Section.


The vivacious group took part in the interactive presentation on doorstep & deception crime which was facilitated by stalwart volunteer Ash Jones. He said, "Our safety presentation is a living thing and evolves each time it is given to a group. In this evening's event, I have been able to offer advice about crimes and scams which came accross my desk only hours before. Hopefully, having such up-to-date information will help my hosts be even safer and more secure in their homes"


During the presentation, all attendees received a copy of the latest edition of the Senior Siren magazine and advice on rogue traders and bogus callers, as well as all the most topical scams & cons currently being used by deception criminals in the area.


If you are a member of a group who would like a date with the SCLT Public Presentation Team, get in touch today - via the Contact Us tab at the top of this page.



























Pawlet RBL