The SCLT Public Presentation Team was recently delighted to welcome it's newest member to active service in the ongoing battle for senior safety. Matt Hawker is 26-years old and hails from the North Somerset area of England. He is employed in the public sector and, having recently got married, he was seeking a new challenge and a way to become an active member of the community.


After coming across a copy of the Senior Siren in a public building near his home, Matt decided to get in touch with the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) to offer his services. A short while later, Matt met a member of the team who was able to discuss the volunteering options available in the area and helped Matt decide that a role on the SCLT Public Presentation Team may be an ideal fit for his skills and work committments.


Matt discusses his experiences so far, "I really wanted to sharpen up my public speaking skills, as these are useful in my day-job and also a beneficial skill for general life, so I received a brief induction course and was allocated a Presentation Team mentor who is showing me the ropes"


"It's actually a very holistic process for learning a new skill. First we discuss what is expected of our presentation and then I began the learning process by watching some sessions, which were facilitated by my experienced mentor. Then, we shared the presentation and I facilitated half and my mentor took the second half. This allowed me to get my feet under the table without being overawed by being thrown in at the deep end alone"


"The next and final stage of my development, is to lead a presentation on my own and then, when my mentor is happy I have met the required SCLT standard, I will be able to manage my own senior safety presentations and to start contributing to the safety of the most vulnerable members of society"


Matt recently joined stalwart SCLT presenter Ash Jones, at a senior safety presentation in Worle (UK). Ash said, "It is great that Matt is able to help with the work of the SCLT, at the same time as acquiring new skills that will benefit the other facets of his life. It's a pleasure to work with such devoted and passionate citizens and to have then join us on the Senior Citizen Liaison Team"



























Matt t SCL Apl 2014