SCLT Announce Participation in Annual Charity Walk for Peace 2014


The annual charity Walk for Peace, which is organised by the London based Majlis Ansarullah UK charity, has become something of a flagship event for the Islamic community's charitable support for national and local charities. The 2013 walk was a huge success when it was held in Manchester and raised over £250,000 for good causes throughout the UK and overseas.


The 2014 iteration of the Charity Walk for Peace is to be held on Sunday 8th June at Morden in London and the organising committee have selected the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) as one of the principal charities which will benefit from the money raised from the event. Other selected charities include; Macmillan Cancer Support, Age UK, British Heart Foundation and Action for Children.


The walk will see thousands of members of the nationwide Islamic community come together to participate in this prestigious event, which has been raising money for good causes for 27-years. In 2013, the walk benefited from 69 individual walkers who had each raised in excess of £1000 for the event.


SCLT volunteer Ash Jones will be participating in the event with a number of other SCLT trustees and volunteers, he said "It is a tremendous honour to be selected by the organisers of Majlis Ansarullah UK charity to be beneficiaries of this remarkable event. I look forward to meeting the participants and joining them on the Walk for Peace itself"


If you would like to support the event, or even attend yourself, please follow the below link to the Majlis Ansarullah UK website for further information:



























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