SCLT Outreach Team Visits Group in North Somerset


The first week of the New Year (2014) has seen the SCLT Minorities Outreach Team visiting a group of BME elders in North Somerset to discuss community issues and most importantly, senior safety.


Senior Community Link is a social advocacy network of community groups in North Somerset which meet regularly, at various locations, to allow people of 50-years and older to discuss issues which affect their community and through a process of engagement meetings with local councillors, they also have an opportunity to put forward ideas and concerns which flavour life for the older adult in North Somerset.


Roger Ibrahim is the manager of the SCLT Minorities Outreach Team and routinely visits groups throughout the South West of the UK to discuss community issues and to impart crucial safety advice around doorstep cime and most recently, cyber-crime (the SCLT theme for 2014). Roger typically visits groups of older adults who may be marginalised due to their membership of a particular community group, such as BME (black, minority & ethnic), LGBT (lesbian, bisexual, gay & transgender) or any other social grouping.


His visit to the Senior Community Link BME group was held in Victoria Church in Weston-super-Mare and was attended by around 20 older adults from the target community. During his visit, Roger was able to chat about issues which affect the quality of the life of the attendees, as well as broader issues, such as hate crime and of course our favourite subject ~ doorstep crime and staying safe at home.


SCLT Volunteer Roger said, "Today was only meant to be a preliminary visit to pave the way for one of our SCLT safety presentations in the months ahead. But as usual I ended up staying for 3-hours and had a great time with the very vibrant and energetic crowd. I will certainly be back soon to give our safety presentation and I look forward to further visits in the future"  


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