Senior Spotlight Falls Upon Veteran Wildlife Photographer


The Senior Siren magazine is always seeking new and interesting features for the reading entertainment of our large (currently 250,000) and very diverse audience. The magazine is now widely read accross the United Kingdom and thanks to the proliferation of our internet copies, we are also pleased to have many thousands of readers in North America and the Antipodes.


One of the most established features of the Siren is the Senior Spotlight section, in which we shine the spotlight upon a person who has an interesting life. To date, the distinguished alumni of this section of the award-winning magazine include; polititians, diplomats, scientisits, military leaders and celebrities. The one thing which they all have in common, is the fact that they have all scaled the heights of their respective careers and emerged with great recognition and plaudits for their efforts.


For a forthcoming edition of the Senior Siren, the spotlight fell upon veteran wildlife photographer and BBC film-maker, Doug Allan. During the interview for the magazine, Doug discusses his earlier career as a professional diver and his time spent working in Antarctica assisting scientisits in fieldwork for the British Antarctic Survey.


Of course, Doug is internationally renowned for his work on some of the epic wildlife series and documentaries of the BBC, including; The Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Life, Human Planet and Frozen Planet, he has made over 60 filming trips, including orcas attacking gray whales off California, polar bears trying to capture belugas in a frozen hole in Arctic Canada, and killer whales washing seals off ice floes in Antarctica – all on screen firsts.


SCLT volunteer Ash Jones, interviewed Doug for the magazine, he said, "It is entirely true to say that we, the viewers, have very little idea of the remarkable talents and skill which goes into making the magnificent wildlife films which we probably take for granted on the BBC. Doug lifts the lid on the life of a BBC film-maker and his thoughts on life in general. It was a delight to spend some time with Doug and get this take on some interesting subjects. I'm sure the readers will really enjoy the article when it is printed later in the year"


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