Nuisance Calls Scam ~ Don't Get Stung


Many people of all ages receive numerous unwanted telephone calls every week. Some of the calls are from sales or telemarketing companies. Many phone users are aware that the Telephone Preference Servoce (TPS) offers a system which allows the phone subscriber to register their number for free and should significantly reduce the number of unwanted calls that you receive.


The important feature of the TPS, and its sister services, the E-mail and Mail Preference Services, is that they are all provided free of charge to the user. There is no charge for the service at all, NEVER!


An article in the renouned 'Which' consumer magazine has shone a spotlight upon a scam which is currently doing the rounds. Any person of any age may be targeted by a call, but of course, the more vulnerable older adult community may be more susceptible.


People who have fallen victim to the scam report receiving a call from a well-spoken female who introduces herself from a company with a name which sounds very similar to the Telephone Preference Serice. The caller will state that your nuisance call cover has lapsed and that you are required to subscribe to a phone screening service to continue the filtering of your calls. Subscription to the service has been reported to cost around £65 for 3-years or £75 for lifetime cover.


Although many people find that the TPS does not totally stop all their nuisance calls, 'Which' magazine is confident in it's advice that paying for a similar service would be a total waste of money and essentially amounts to a thinly veiled scam. The TPS is the only register of telephone subscribers that companies are legally obliged to check before placing cold calls for sales purposes.


If you feel you are being targeted by scam callers you are advised to contact Trading Standards (via the link below), where you can receive more detailed advice.


































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