Public Presentation Team Make Friends in Shipham (Somerset, UK)


Friday 19th th June saw SCLT volunteer Matt Hawker paying a visit to the very busy Active Living Group who meet weekly at the Village Hall in the picturesque Somerset village of Shipham. The group has a regular attendance of over 35 people and every meeting sees the group entertained with guest speakers, gentle exercise sessions and concludes with a luncheon for all.


Matt engaged with lively group woth a 40-minute presentation which focused on crimes which are typically directed at members of the senior community. On the agenda for discussion on this visit to the group, were the dangers associated with bogus callers and distraction burglers. The presentation, which was delivered via an animated visual display for ease of understanding, also explained the many scams and deception cons which are employed by con artists who use the telephone, e-mail and land mail to reach out to potential victims.


Presentation facilitator Matt Hawker said, "This is clearly a group who are switched-on to the dangers of senior crime. However, all today's patrons now have a better idea of some of the more deceptive cons that are doing the rounds and therefore, they are far less likely to be successfully targeted"


The presentation ended with every attendee receiveing a personal copy of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine which also gives tips and advice around elderly crimes:


Click the below image of the Senior Siren to download the latest issue now:













































Matt in Shipham SS19 Cover