Public Presentation Team Join Wrington Rotary Club for Evening


The SCLT Public Presentation Team (PPT) recently accepted an invitation to entertain the members of the very popular Wrington Vale Rotary Club in North Somerset for their weekly dinner meeting at the Burrington Inn near the quaint village of Churchill.


SCLT volunteer Ash Joined joined the 40 regular members of the local branch of the World-wide Rotary Organisation to regale the gentlemen with an after dinner speech, which explained the reasons why the Senior Citizen Liaison Team was founded in 2009 and the journey to date of the charity.


Ash said, "Tonight has been somewhat different to our usual senior safety presentation, as we also offer a more entertaining presentation which we use on the growing after-dinner circuit. Groups such as Rotary, PROBUS, WI and U3A seem to enjoy hearing of the inspiring story of the SCLT charity and the more people who hear about the SCLT and the work that we do in the community, the more who we can help"


The presentation ended with every member of the club being presented with a personal copy of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine.


If you represent a group which would like to book a presentation on senior safety or to book a guest speaker for an event, please follow the link below:




















































Ash. Wrington Rotary compressed