Annual General Meeting for SCLT Charity


The Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) held it's annual general meeting (AGM) recently at a country location in Somerset. Trustees, members and supporters from throughout the charity met to discuss the achievements of the charity over the last year, and to plan the direction of the team for the coming year.


The AGM also saw the annual vote to select the charity's trustee team from the membership and to put the audited financial records to the membership for inspection and questions. The AGM ensures that the SCLT charity is fully compliant with the rules and regulations which are set by the Charity Commission.


SCLT trustee Ash Jones officiated at the AGM, he said "Another great year has passed for the SCLT. We are now well into our fifth year of operation and we continue to grow and add new avenues of safety to our increasing catalogue of support for the older adult population. We are delighted to have been joined by some very talented new volunteers over the last 12-months and we look forward to the next year with ambition and passion. I hope we can all meet again in 12-months with even more pride in our efforts than we have today"


During the AGM the team planned for an expansion in the areas covered by the Senior Siren magazine and a minor re-branding of the charity, which the public will see taking place in the coming winter period.


SCLT Trustee Jon Williams is the Area Coordinator for the Wales Region, he said "We have only begun to scratch the surface of our potential in the Wales region and I look forward to leading my regional team to new heights in the coming year. We will soon have our own, dedicated Public Presentation Team and we look forward to making a big impact on older adult safety in the Principality over the next year"


























































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