Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) Shortlisted in Major National Awards


The Civil Service Diversity & Equality Awards identify and celebrate the many exceptional achievements that are made across government every day. They demonstrate the importance of promoting diversity and equality in the workplace, and provide an opportunity to share knowledge and best practice.


Although entirely staffed by volunteers, many of the SCLT team are civil and crown servants, thus are eligible for entry into these prestigious awards.


Roger Ibrahim is a volunteer with the SCLT, where he leads the Minorities Outreach Team, he commented on the delight of the team in being shortlisted in the awards:


"We were really surprised to have been selected as national finalists in this highly esteemed awards. Over the last 2-years we have been really working hard on getting our senior safety message out to folks from a variety of minority community groups, who might otherwise have had difficulty in accessing the various statutory or volunteer services due to social or cultural barriers"


"Sometimes it is simply a case of working with a translator at a community group to overcome a language issue, other times it can be more about overcoming the cultural divide which many people can have about people who work, or volunteer within the protection services, such as the police or local council. It is all about building-up an enduring trust, through fostering a relationship of mutual understanding and respect"


The overall winner of the awards will be announced at a ceremony to be held in London later in the year.


Please follow the below link to see the Diversity & Equality Awards website:
































































CSDE Awards 2014 Rog, Ash and Jon at Eid. Comp