SCLT Veteran Named Volunteer of the Year


Mike Wedlock was a founding member of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) back in early 2010, and has since been the Editor-in-Chief of the Senior Siren magazine, has been named as the Police Support Volunteer (PSV) of the Year for Avon and Somerset Constabulary in 2014. He will now be considered for the overall award of Regional Volunteer of Year for the South West of the UK at a ceremony to be held in November 2014. Success at the regional awards will see Mike travelling to the House of Lords in Westminster palace for the National Awards in Spring 2015.


Mike, who amazingly balances his duties as a full-time police officer and father of 2 young daughters with his volunteering role, has steered the Senior Siren magazine from being a crime prevention quarterly with 5000 readers in 2010, to the nation-wide, bi-monthly magazine with 250,000 readers that it is today. Along the way, the magazine has picked up readers (online) all over the World and won a number of prestigious national awards, not least the Public Sector Communication Award in 2011 on it's journey.



































































Mike 2 PSV logo Clevedon 2011 CS Awards 2011


Initally motivated into volunteering for the SCLT due to his own grandmother's victimisation by a heartless deception criminal, Mike has played a full part in all of the operational areas of the SCLT and still manages to get out on the road occasionally as part of the Public Presentation Team to give crime-busting, safety presentations to the older adult community when his other duties allow.


Speaking about his award, Mike said, "It is a truly humbling thing to be announced as the winner of this prestigious award and I actually feel somewhat uncomfortable receiving these plaudits for the efforts of the SCLT in my sole name. As any team player knows, the real accolade surely goes to the many volunteers who support me and the efforts of the SCLT without ever receiveing, nor expecting, any recognition for their volunteering sacrifices. So it is with my colleagues in mind that I humbly receive this honour"





































































SCLT Director Ash Jones commented on Mike's selection as Volunteer of the Year,


"Mike has been characteristically modest about this award, but I can attest with total conviction that without his sterling efforts, the Senior Citizen Liaison Team would not be here today. He has doggedly driven the Senior Siren magazine towards a golden era of 100,000's of readers all over the World. With every person who reads the Senior Siren being potentially safer than if they had not read the magazine, sadly we will never know how many people have been spared the trauma of becoming victims of crime by reading this great publication, but one thing is for sure, Mike deserves this distinction and I applaud it wholeheartedly and hope he wins the national award next year"