Safety Message Shared with Womens Institute in Somerset (UK)


The Public Presentation Team of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) were out on the road again, as the team visited the Manor Hall in the picturesque Somerset village of Lympsham on the 21st January, where the 20+ members of the W.I. (Womens Institute) were treated to a facilitated presentation on doorstep & cyber crime by SCLT volunteer Ash Jones.


The safety talk, supported by a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, focused on crimes which are usually targeted at the vulnerable, older adult population. The session paid particular attention to the risks posed by  distraction burglars and rogure traders and the steps which can be taken to substantially mitigate the dangers.


Ash Jones, "By taking such simple steps as always using a spy-hole before answering your door and having a doorchain fitted, older adults can play an active part in thwarting those heartless criminals who actively target the most vulnerable citizens in our neighbourhoods"


If you are a member of a community group and would like a safety presentation from a member of the SCLT, please click the 'contact us' tab at the top of the page and get in touch today.

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