SCLT Outreach Team Join Annual Conference in Hampshire


SCLT Minorities Outreach Team Manager Roger Ibrahim travelled to the beautiful Hampshire countryside to take part in the 48th annual Jalsa Salana (Urdu for annual convention) of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community and to engage with the delegates while spreading the SCLT message of senior safety to all.


The Jalsa Salana is held annually at the 200 acre site which is owned by the British Ahmadiyya community, where over 30,000 Ahmadi muslims from more than 80 countries  meet each year to reaffirm their commitment to the Ahmadi ideals of non-violence, neighbourliness and charity.




































































Over the last year, the SCLT were delighted to have been associated with the Ahmadiyya Muslim community at a number of events, including the annual Charity Walk for Peace, which is organised by the group and raised in excess of £300,000 pounds for good causes in 2014.


Roger said, "I have really enjoyed spending three days with our Ahamadi friends at their Jalsa Salana and have been very impressed with the overall sense of community and togetherness which has come accross during the event. I was able to meet up with our friends from the Ahmadi community in Bristol and Cardiff, with whom we shared the celebration of Eid a few weeks ago. We hope that by joining the community at the event, we have been able to break down the barriers of culture and language to get our message of senior safety accross to everyone, no matter which community group they belong to"



































































Rog and Manawar Jalsa Salana 1 48th Jalsa Salana 2014

Roger Ibrahim (right) greets the South West Ahmadi Co-ordinator Mr. Munawar Mughal