SCLT Public Presentation Team Visit Abergavenny


Wednesday 4th September 2014 saw SCLT volunteer and Wales Area Manager, Mr Jon Williams, joining the weekly meeting of the Abergavenny Isca Probus Club at the King of Prussia Public House to give a senior safety presentation to the 30-strong group.








































































Probus is a social club for retired PROfessionals and BUSinessmen (hence the name 'PROBUS') which meets on a regular basis to enjoy guest speakers and social activities for the members. Jon joined the group for their morning gathering and facilitated a 45-minute presentation, which was supported by PowerPoint slides and free crime prevention materials for all.


The interactive session included discussion around the aging population of the United Kingdom and the challenges which will be faced by future generations, as well as exploring the specific safety concerns of the senior generation and how the Senior Citizen Liaison Team was created to offer tailored crime prevention services for the older adult community.

































































Jon Williams (right) is greeted by Professor Maurice Rolls - President of the Abergavenny Isca Probus Club



Following the presentation Jon said, "Probus is a truly great way for older adults to enjoy each others company in a friendly and convivial, social setting. I have really enjoyed visiting the Abergavenny Isca Probus Club today and the vibrant crowd certainly kept me on my toes as a facilitator by asking some of the most pertinent questions I've had for a while"


"Hopefully the audience all took away some tips and advice about avoiding scams, cons and deceptions which are frequently targeted at the more vulnerable senior community"


Every attendee at the presentation received a copy of the very latest edition of the Senior Siren magazine and details of how to access other SCLT services within their local area.