SCLT Join the Debate at the South West Seniors Assembly


The SCLT safety stand was out on the road again this week, when the team joined the delegates at the annual South West Seniors Conference, which was held at the historic Winter Gardens venue in the Somerset seaside town of Weston-super-Mare.


The one-day event brought together representatives of community and volunteer groups from across the South West region of England. The agenda featured such challenging topics such as tackling isolation and housing for seniors and the debate was lead by a number of local luminaries in their respective fields.







































































SCLT volunteers Rachael and Roger spent the day at the event and engaged with many of the delegates from across the region.


Rachael commented, "The focus of our day has been to promote the improved services of our Public Presentation Team to the attendees. Thanks to some generous funding from the South West Forum on Aging, we are now able to offer the services of our Public Presentation Team to the whole South West Area"


"We now have 4 teams of volunteers, who can be booked to provide our crime-busting safety presentations to community groups of all sizes. For 2014 we have expanded our portfolio of talks to include an after-dinner, or event, presentation which has proved very popular with such commuity groups as Rotary, Probus and Lions clubs. If any groups would like to book a free presentation, they should check our website for further details of the service, and how to make a booking"

































































Roger Ibrahim and Rachael Jones staff the SCLT Safety Stand in Weston-super-Mare

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