SCLT Public Presentation Team Joins WI for Afternoon in Brent Knoll


SCLT volunteer Matt Hawker recently spent an engaging afternoon as the guest of the Brent Knoll branch of the Women's Institute (WI). Matt led a fully interactive session for the ladies on senior safety and how to avoid becoming the victim of the various types of deception crimes which are frequently targeted at the more vulnerable, senior community.


Matt said, "Although I think my rendition of the traditional WI hymn 'Jerusalem' will never win any prizes from the choral authorities, I really enjoyed meeting the members of the Brent Knoll WI at the village hall. The group were very interactive throughout my visit and threw a multitude of questions at me about scams, cons and doorstep fraudsters"


"Every attendee now has a copy of our award-winning Senior Siren magazine and should have a lot more knowledge about staying safe into later life"


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Matt at Brent Knoll