SCLT Outreach Team Visit Community Group


SCLT Minorities Outreach Manager, Roger Ibrahim, recently joined the weekly meeting of the 25 - member strong, Dhek Bhal ladies group at Barton Hill Settlement in North Bristol.


Making use of simultaneous language translation throughout (kindly provided by Daisey), Roger gave the group an interactive senior safety presentation which was specially tailored for the senior Asian community.


Roger said, "I have been a visitor to Dhek Bhal in the past and always feel greatly welcome when I join one of the community groups for one of my regular presentations on senior safety and home security. Today, I received many questions from the ladies group about arranging chains for their front doors"


"As a result I'll now seek out a viable solution to their problems and come back and arrange the resolution for them. It's all part of my job as a volunteer - finding out about the safety issues that concern people and helping find the key to their confidence"


If you are a member of a community group of whatever social or cultural background, and would like to arrange a senior safety presentation, please get in touch today.











































































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