SCLT Trustees Meet Civil Service Diversity Grandee


On 19th September, several members of the SCLT trustee team journeyed to the Map Room of the histroric Foreign and Commonwealth building in the depths of Whitehall, to join other leading forces in the world of diversity application for an afternoon reception to recognise success.


The reception was arranged by the Civil Service Diversity Champion, Sir Simon Fraser, who holds the post of Permanent Under-Secretary of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as well as his oversight role for Civil Service Diversity.


SCLT Trustee Mike Wedlock commented of the experience, "We have really profited from this reception by having a wonderful opportunity to meet and share examples of good practice with colleagues from government agencies such as; HMRC, the Border Agency, the Environment Agency and The Ministry of Justice"


He continued, "Sir Simon was a charming host and was most complementry about our modest achievements as a small volunteer team, working on the extreme outskirts of the huge civil service juggernaut. As always, it has been very enjoyable to spend time with like-minded people and learn from each others experiences"













































































FCO sept 2014

Civil Service Diversity Champion, Sir Simon Fraser (left), meets the trustee team of the SCLT at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Ash and Mike at FCO

SCLT Director Ash Jones (left) and Deputy Director Mike Wedlock at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office reception