Rogue traders in Your Area


SCLT volunteers accross the South West have been made aware of two recent incidents involving rogue traders in the South West area.


It has been reported that shoppers have been approached in supermarket car parks by men offering televisions for sale. The units are sealed and upon opening them the unsuspecting shoppers find the television does not work, and of course, they have no way of claiming their money back.


If you have been approached by someone offering goods in unusual circumstances like those described, please report it to the Police on 101.


Secondly, volunteers have received reports of a resident being repeatedly targeted by rogue traders, returning on 3 occasions asking for money. The rogues initially claimed to have done some work to the drains outside the resident’s home and that they must pay for that work. They then returned twice more requesting further payments for follow up work.


This is a scam. Rogues will misuse well known company names to help convince their victims to part with large sums of money. If you receive an unexpected visitor at your door demanding money for work you have not consented to, please close the door and contact the Police immediately on 101 or Trading Standards (via the Citizens Advice consumer helpline) on 03454 04 05 06.












































































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